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Upset about frequent power failures in your office or home?

We can help. Call us.

Among our services you will find industrial UPS power systems, automation, diesel generators, industrial PLCs, power generation with solar cells and wind driven electric generators.

We install displays, micro-circuits, gas and bio-gas driven power generators.

Our company started in 2004. Some of our previous projects include maintenance work in universities, hospitals, research institutes, multinational shopping centers, mobile service providers as well as other economical companies.

We do in situ installation, from planning through to implementation. We also upgrade or reconstruct systems. We have nationwide service network which provides fast and professional troubleshooting.

We believe that the appliances should operate at their possible best thus being reliable and cost effective. When warranty expires we provide maintenance upon flat rate. We can also offer repair off schedule within 4-72 hours in case of malfunction.

We are looking forward to your kind order.