Electric systems:

Industrial uninterruptible power supply systems:

  • Buying, selling, renovating and repairing old and new UPSs.
  • Assessing and installing UPS mains systems.
  • Replacing and renovating battery units.
  • Planning, implementing, installing diesel generated UPS systems.

Heavy current systems, automatics:

  • Planning, manufacturing and implementing main switch panels, automatic heavy current power supply systems.
  • Planning, manufacturing and implementing target microcontroller systems.

Electric systems with diesel generators:

  • Planning, manufacturing and implementing emergency power supply systems.
  • Installing, servicing and flat rate maintenance of diesel power generators.
  • Renovating, reconstructing and upgrading old diesel generator controllers.
  • Replacing old controlls system with new one.
  • Repairing, renovating and servicing RABA KAD-110 and TAD-110 generators.

Planning the mains system of buildings:

  • Planning and implementing office buildings, petrol stations.

Independent automatic electricity if there is no power supply nearby:

  • Automatic diesel and gas driven power generators, with one or three phase sine converters protecting the side of the user. Engine driven generators operating only in the permitted hours of the day or operating from accumulator packs.


Industrial PLC systems:

  • Planning, manufacturing, implementing.
  • Fixing all types of PLCs, touch screens. Software saving.

Solar cells, wind driven power supply:

  • Where there is ample solar power available (sunny hours)we install solar cells between 0.2 and 60 kW, if power is only needed in the sunny months. During this period the power supply is automatic and continuous, the current is sine shaped. In special cases with lower costs non sine-shaped current supply is also available (continuous power supply for circulator pumps). Where power supply is needed throughout the year we will plan, manufacture and implement combined solarcell, wind driven and diesel or gas driven automatic power supply systems both for one or three-phase consumers.

Gate system with CAME drive:

  • Repairing and servicing Came made motor driven shutters and gates, both mechanically and electrically.

Display systems:

  • Manufacturing and installing result displays.


  • Planning, manufacturing and repairing microcircuits, both analogue and digital..


Gas and biogas driven block heaters, small power plants:

  • Planning, manufacturing, implementing, repairing and flat rate based maintenance of gas and biogas driven block heaters, small power plants

Electric fork-lift trailers:

  • Repairing every type of electric fork-lift trailers.

Explosionproof systems:

  • Planning, manufacturing, implementing of explosionproof systems.